Browse the most beautiful neighborhoods in the United States

June 26, 2014

The beautiful architecture, the authenticity of their designs and leafy streets always go together to determine how to be beautiful and attractive neighborhood. According to a Travel and Leisure list these are the most beautiful neighborhoods throughout the country, where the classic, urban and modern mix to the delight of those who go to these places. Which of these neighborhoods you want to live?

Brooklyn Heights, New York City Next to Brooklyn Bridge is the historic and quiet neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, known for offering some of the most spectacular views of Manhattan. This neighborhood is embellished by its reddish condominiums and stately homes dating back to before the Civil War, as well as its leafy streets.

Pacific Heights, Pacific Heights San Francisco Victorian houses stands as the largest number of these architectures in the city. The Pacific Heights neighborhood retains the same appearance before the earthquake and fire of 1906. Walking through its streets you can see the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. Pacific Heights is situated on a hill that rises abruptly from the Marina District and Cow Hollow neighborhood in the north of San Francisco, at a height of 370 feet above sea level.

Garden District, New Orleans For all who enjoy the “good life” is a good place in the south of the nation. Garden District is located in New Orleans, where even the trams transport it for $ 1.25, and as the name says is a neighborhood whose homes have large gardens. A slight elevation of the surface has protected the mansions of hurricanes for almost 200 years.

The Paseo, Oklahoma This is a thriving area artists who was rescued from gang wars and prostitution in mid-century. The ride became what it is today when dozens of artists decided to move to the area taking advantage of low property prices. About 20 galleries, two schools for creative students and annual arts festival inspired Forbes to name it in their list of “America’s neighborhoods more processed”.

South of Broad, Charleston is a historic district that extends over a sheet with an abundance of vegetation. On a tour of this district can be seen with multilevel brick buildings, streets are adorned with trees on both sides whose branches extend from side to side, palms and many flowering gardens. Many homes are older than 300 years retaining the influence of the West Indies.

Hancock Park, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is one of the most renowned venues in Los Angeles in the world. But there is a neighborhood that is beginning to interest tourists. Hancock Park is a sector with 1,200 homes as Travel and Leisure invites exploration. The famous Hollywood sign is visible from many streets. The Queen Anne residence of colonial Renaissance style was moved to this place in June 1924 and today is the architectural seal area.

Oak Park, Western Chicago West of Chicago are 23 homes that are works of Frank Lloyd Wright, who combined modesty and elegance in their designs. Lloyd Wright spent 20 years of his 70-year career at Oak Park. Also distinguished for its beautiful scenery, Oak Park, is the birthplace of writer Ernest Hemingway.

Charles Village, North-Central structures are painted in bright colors that distinguish them from other areas in the country. Also combine the style of the nineteenth century with the common style of Baltimore which includes many gardens and wide avenues. In short it is a very colorful neighborhood with many trees which you could easily be happy.

Back Bay, Boston Representative of rooms and Victorian houses built in stone with windows, streets with luxury shops and artistic (like those found on Newbury Street), and large hotels. The design of the city was given by Arthur Gilman and is located on the peninsula of Shawmut.

Montrose, Houston is a residential neighborhood located in Neartown Houston. Founded in 1911, the neighborhood is a demographically diverse area with renovated mansions, bungalows with spacious terraces and cottages along boulevards with abundant trees. Montrose is one of the most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in Houston.


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