Advantage of Buying Pre-Constructed Miami Real Estate

January 7, 2008

Miami has some of the most sought-after properties available in America which justifies high prices.

It is still possible to have your dream of having sunny days and living near white sand beaches all-year round without going broke and losing sanity. You will be very pleased to know that there are so many advantages that come with buying pre-constructed Miami real estate.

Building Advantages

With pre-constructed real estate, you don’t have to wait so long or constantly keep watch over building procedures since everything is already made. All you have to do is find the structure and space that best fits your needs and aesthetic taste. There are so many designs and structures to choose from in Miami with varying ages, locations and prices. You get to spend less compared to making drastic changes that people usually do when constructing something from the rough.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about sewage, energy and water supply since all these are pre-fixed and perfectly adjusted to keep the real estate as low maintenance as possible. The living space is already adjusted according to the estimated number of people who will be staying.

Most pre-constructed homes are also more ecologically friendly and energy-saving because of the materials and techniques used. Examples are pre-built insulation and the use of recycled constructive material that lasts as long as regular steel and wood.

Security Advantages

Choosing pre-constructed Miami real estate like a condominium will guarantee safety of inhabitants. Most Miami condominiums hire professional security guards for the convenience of their tenants. Neighborhoods are also relatively safe and secure especially gated ones. There are actually streets and communities that are mostly comprised of pre-constructed real estate and homes. In that sense, there are always people around who can help you in every way.

Several banks in Miami are also actively supporting pre-constructed projects. You can get financial security by acquiring a loan that you can conveniently cover depending on the kind and duration. All pre-constructed real estates are also insured so you get protected against natural calamities and other untoward disasters like fire and theft. Documentations on purchase or lease will be provided to ensure that the property is legitimate and you can avail of the other benefits covered in the policy.

The Pre-Construction Market Today

At present, there are a lot of local and international transactions in Miami specifically focusing on pre-constructed homes, apartments and condominiums. The market is getting bigger since people especially foreigners like the idea of getting worry-free ready-made real estates at very affordable prices. About half of all pre-constructed real estates in Miami are acquired by foreigners. Units are usually in the $200,000 to $300,000 range but prices can change depending on the location, structure, inclusions and policies.

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